Mauritius is a default choice if you are confused about which destination to choose for your next holiday. The Island has it all; from pleasant temperature, seemingly endless miles of dazzling beaches naturally protected by coral reef, to unimaginable fusion of culture and tradition, Mauritius is just perfect for a leisurely holiday for all kinds of travel: single, couple or family, as its offering covers varied interests including culture, history, adventure, natural wonders, sports, spa, shopping…you name it, Mauritius has it!

You only need to come with your passport and get the wow experience you’ve already dreamt about. Here are ten reasons to visit Mauritius NOW.


1. Beaches


Anyone with any inkling about Mauritius instantly knows of the Island’s seemingly endless miles of dazzling beaches that are naturally protected by coral reefs. They are right. Mauritius has spectacular coasts with beaches of distinct personalities. The calmest are in the western end of the Island. In the south are hidden, rocky coves, while east of the island is simply perfect for windsurfing. All beaches are public so you can easily hop from one inviting stretch to the next.


2. Multicultural Vibe

sege dance

Mauritius is a vibrant cultural mix. The fusion of culture and tradition of Asian, Indian, European and of course African is one of the Island’s biggest charms. It manifests in the religion, cuisines, language, and even the dressing of the people, as well as the island’s attractive monuments. It’s here that churches sit next to Hindu temples, tea is served with samosas, and English, Creole and Cantonese enjoy equal popularity. Ensure you get some African jive by catching a performance of séga, the island’s traditional dance with African roots.


3. Natural wonders



Beaches are great, but Chamarel holds another of Mauritius amazing natural wonder. It is the Rainbow-like dunes called the Seven-Coloured Earth in Chamarel; it is a Mars-like landscape, marked by vibrant swirls and strips of red, green, yellow, indigo and violet coloured sands that mysteriously never mix or wash away.


4. Foodies’ Haven


Food won’t be your challenge when you get to Mauritius, making the best choice might be. With a vibrant mix of culture, you can be sure to meet your match for tasty meals from all continents. Be sure to scan restaurants menus for “daube,” a classic tomato-based chicken stew, and “fish vindaye,” a Mauritian take on Indian vindaloo. You can also nibble on Mauritian snacks like “dhal puri,” a traditional flatbread filled with spicy ground split peas and served with chutney. Alternatively, sample the island’s iconic “Babonne”—a fleshy white fish similar to red snapper. There is so much for the taste bud.


5. Sugar and Rum


Where there’s sugar, there’s rum; the latter being the by-product of the former. Mauritius has over four centuries’ history with sugar cane and the history continues till date. Explore the Island’s old sugar mill and sample unrefined sugars, learn about sugar’s history and production through interactive exhibits. But don’t forget to appreciate the by-product of the island’s sugar production, the rum. The taste is best from a personal experience.


6. Shoppers Paradise


From fruit and vegetable, handicrafts, spices, to street foods, Mauritius’ markets offer a cheerful slice of just about everything on every shoppers’ list. They also offer great opportunities to dive into Mauritian life. Just 20 minutes from the Resort in the Centre de Flacq is a vibrant Sunday market that is a great stop for almost everything from handmade textiles to locally grown tea. Other notable markets include those in Port Louis, Rose Hill and Vacoas, and the beachside fish market in Grand Baie.


7. Adventure

ziplining in Mauritius

Seeking adrenaline-boosting activities or bored of the sun-lounger? Head out to explore the lush Domaine de l’Étoile reserve via quad bike, buggy, horseback, mountain bike or foot. You can equally go ziplining or hiking through the rainforest, or try canyoning in the waterfalls or take to the water and explore every kind of ocean-based sport available.


8. Deep-Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing

Mauritius is one of the world’s best big-game fishing destinations, and holds many international competitions to prove it. The blue marlin, in particular, is prized; take a charter boat out beyond the reef that encircles the island for your chance to land a whopper.


9. Wildlife


Nile crocodiles, giant tortoises and even lions roam in Mauritius’s nature reserves. Visit the island’s forests for a chance to see the rare pink pigeon and the Mauritius kestrel in the wild. Take a boat trip to Tamarin Bay to spot the pods of dolphins that play in the waters there.


10. Vibrant Festivals


Colourful festivals dot Mauritius’ calendar. You only need to visit during Maha Shivaratri to experience about the largest Hindu pilgrimage outside India. February is when about 500,000 people make the pilgrimage on foot to Grand Bassin, a lake that stands a giant statue of Lord Shiva. You can also visit during Diwali, the festival of light, held every fall, and feast on gâteau patate—sweet potato and coconut cakes made and offered as gifts between families and neighbours.


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