Ghana is one country that has held on to its culture for centuries, making it one of the most culturally rich places in the world. This culture reflects most on Ghana’s local cuisine. Offering some of the tastiest dishes around the world.


Ghana induces the use of local crops and food available in the best possible way. Here is a list of 10 Ghanaian food to help us get an up-close and personal view of what is making the world go crazy about traditional Ghanaian cuisine.

1. Red Red

Most people around the world would shy away at the first sight of beans, but Red Red is one dish that has managed to reignite the love of beans in many people. Cooked into a fine bean curry that can include either a mix of prawns or fish. It gets the red color from the red palm oil that they use to prepare the stew, in most places it will also be prepared with tomato paste. Red Red is one dish that demonstrates Ghanaian cuisine at its best.

2. Banku

If you are a lover of corn in any size, shape or preparation, then Banku is for you. Banku is a local Ghanaian dish made from fermented corn served as orange sized balls with stews, soups or any kind of meat dish native to Western Africa. The Okra stew a firm favourite with the people of Ghana is often served with the Banku on festive occasions. Eggplant stew is also considered to a popular accompaniment with Banku. A combination of Banku and Tilapia fish stew is considered to be a delicacy in Ghana and can be found on the menu of all high-end restaurants.

3. Fried Rice with Chicken

A well-prepared plate of fried rice can drive even the most critical foodie for a second serving. Ghana’s local take on fried rice has created one of the biggest sensations amongst folks. Also known as jollof rice, the traditional fried rice is made using few of the freshest tomatoes and traditional spices and served with a crispy fried chicken.

4. Chichinga

If you truly want to experience the taste of any country’s cuisine, then street food is the best way to go. This popular street food, appetizer, and party snack is common throughout West Africa. In Nigeria this version of kebab is called tsire suya (sooya), often shortened to simply suya. Chichinga is commonly made from a variety of protein sources, such as liver or beef (more traditional),  and chicken (more contemporary), lamb, or goat.

5. Shoko

This is one of those traditional Ghanaian dishes, which significance through the toughest of times cannot be overrated. This is a very affordable dish anyone can afford during times of struggle and also a nice break from the usual beef stew. It’s hearty, spicy and full of greens. 

6. Akotonshi

Crab dishes are dishes known to be a show stealer in many popular seafood restaurants, but it is the Ghanaian twist that has taken this crab dish known as Akotonshi (Ghanaian stuffed crab) into a whole new league. It is a classic dish of crab meat, eggs, and chillies in a tomato-based sauce that’s stuffed into the crab shells before being stuffed back into the shells and grilled.

7. Groundnut Soup

Ghana’s love for soup is world famous, which is why Ghanaians have come up with the widest variety of groundnut soups. Even though at first look groundnut soup might look like spicy curry, it is anything but curry and can have any additions of goat meat or beef. Originally getting its bright colour from groundnut and tomatoes.

8. Waakye

Pronounced as WaChi, this dish shows Ghana’s love for rice and beans. Waakye is a very spicy combination of beans and rice that is served with fried fish, egg, spaghetti and fried chicken.

9. Strawberry Fool

You can’t make a list without a dessert! Desserts are probably the crowning point of any cuisine and the strawberry Fool is one of Ghana’s finest. Made from strawberries, cream and wine, the strawberry fool displays one of the finest balances of wine and cream, with a hint of strawberry.

10. Fufu

Ghana Gumbo soup with fufu

Fufu is a popular starchy dish in Ghana and other West African countries. It is made by pounding a mixture of boiled Cassava and plantain into a soft sticky paste. Fufu is enjoyed with different types of soup.

11. Jollof Rice

The debate about whose Jollof Rice is better between Nigerians and Ghanaians usually generate heated debate on any social media. While we are not here to open the can of worms, suffice it to say that Jollof Rice is a popular dish in both countries.  Jollof rice has its origin in the Senega/Gambia axis of West Africa, but it enjoys huge popularity across West Africa generally. Jollof rice is made with rice, tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, spices and vegetable oil. Ghanaian Jollof rice is made from basmati rice, and has more spice than Nigerians.

12. Plantain

It is said that the best food is the simplest to cook and the plantain stands as the most powerful definition of this saying. This is one traditional Ghanaian food to die for. It can be eaten boiled, fried, roasted or cooked, whatever method you choose it takes less than 10mins.

And if you choose to sit at home and try it out then welcome to Ghana recipe on, find out the recipe next……


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