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Travelling, whether for business or leisure, is always a fantastic experience, which makes it vital to ensure you do everything it takes to make it fruitful. This is where travel insurance comes in. So, when you are packing up your stuff for the upcoming trip, your travel insurance should be among the first things to pick. If you think you don’t need one for your trip, here are 10 amazing benefits of having travel insurance that you should think about.

What is Travel Insurance?

Like other types of insurance, travel insurance is used to help cover any emergency that might occur during your travel. This insurance comes in handy if you lose your valuable goods, documents, wallet, and any other kind of loss that might occur.

If you plan to travel for a short time, you might just need to pay a one-time fee. However, you will need to be paying monthly premiums if you’ll be travelling for long and more often. The amount of money to pay differs from one insurance company to the other – but you can us for our recommendation. In any case, it is vital to research the several available options to help you pick the most affordable one for you.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance offers many benefits. Some countries have even made it mandatory to have travel insurance, as it is crucial when travelling. Below are the major benefits of this travel insurance:

     1. Makes It Easier to Get Refunds

Emergencies happen, and you can’t control when and how they happen. Some might even happen the exact day you are supposed to travel. Although you had already paid for the trip, you might not get a refund since some travel companies have a no-refunds policy. So, how can travel insurance help you in such times?

If you have a travel insurance cover with trip cancellation benefits, then you can get your money back. Such a cover can get you refunds for nonrefundable and prepaid trip costs provided you have a covered reason. Here are some covered reasons that can help you get a refund after cancelling your trip:

  • You experienced severe injuries
  • Your family companion or a family member has suffered bad injuries
  • Death (either the insured traveller or a travelling companion)
  • The occurrence of a natural disaster or a similar event that makes the destination no longer safe or considerable to visit

   2. Helps to Cover Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can turn your life into a nightmare, especially if they happen overseas because the hospital bills can be huge. Some hospitals might even need you to pay upfront if you do not have a native insurance cover hence making things even harder.

A travel insurance cover with medical benefits can help to pay for any losses incurred during your trip after paying for medical emergencies. If the cover has transportation benefits, it can also pay for the transport from where you are to the nearest hospital, including the cost of travelling back home.

   3. Travel Insurance is Cheaper than the risk of any losses:

Like other kinds of insurance policies, it is also possible to get a very cheap travel insurance cover. You just need to research thoroughly, and you will find a great company offering an affordable plan that will cover a lot of crucial things – we offer direct recommendation below if you desire one.

    4. Covers You from Minor Mishaps

Sometimes the vacation can start badly because of a missed connection, cancelled flight, or other travel hiccups. Such things can force you to even get accommodation hence causing more unexpected expenses.

Having travel insurance can be a lifesaver in such circumstances. Travel insurance can reimburse you for any additional expenses such as accommodation or other expenses caused by departure delay of about six hours or more.

Suppose you have a cover with baggage delay benefits. You can also get reimbursed for other additional purchases of essential items during the trip due to your baggage getting delayed or misdirected by a carrier for about 24 hours.

    5. Helps to Replace A Lost Passport

It can be terrifying if you are in a foreign country for vacation or even business and you realize that you lost your passport. You do not have to worry if you have travel insurance as it can cover all the charges you need to replace your lost passport. It can be a lifesaver because you might not have planned to pay for another passport, especially if you were travelling on a fixed budget.

    6. Covers Your Family Too:

One of the major benefits and primary reasons you should get a travel insurance cover is because it covers your family. You won’t have to worry about getting insurance for every family member as that can be very expensive, making it hard to travel.

Travel insurance provides great coverage for your family, too, especially the dependents like your kids. It allows you to travel with peace of mind since you are sure that you won’t have to worry if anything happens as the cover has your back.

    7. Covers Pre-Existing Conditions:

Most travel insurance covers will not pay for anything that happens because of your pre-existing medical issue. However, some top insurance companies provide coverage for pre-existing health conditions.

It can come in handy, especially if you travel with an elderly person who might have an unpredictable health condition.

   8. Pays for Personal Liability:

You might sometimes face an emergency that involves the damage of third-party property, which can be frustrating if you don’t have enough cash to settle it. Some travel insurance plans cover personal liability, making them of great help during such an emergency as they pay for all the damages. That way, you can continue with your trip peacefully and without the worry of being sued.

   9. Helps to Replace Lost Luggage:

Most people have experienced the scenario in which you arrive at your destination, ready to enjoy your vacation, and then realize that your luggage is missing. If you have experienced this, then you know how frustrating it is. Although the airlines might sometimes track your luggage and bring it to you, that might take a few days or even weeks.

Such an occurrence can make your vacation less enjoyable, which is where travel insurance comes in. All you have to do is produce some documents showing your luggage was stolen, and you will be reimbursed, enabling you to continue enjoying yourself.

   10. Provides Medical Evacuation

Travelling to a remote location can be fun but is not always the best option, especially if it does not have a good hospital in case of emergencies. However, that should not stop you from travelling. With travel insurance, you can take a medical evacuation to a nearby great hospital where you can get treatment and continue with your trip.


Travelling is a fun activity, but you can sometimes be faced with several emergencies. Travel insurance allows you to travel with peace of mind as it covers most emergencies you can experience from medical emergencies to a lost passport. Therefore, ensure you get your travel insurance today to enjoy its benefits too.


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