Tales from Tanzania III: Day 2 of the Expo

It’s Day 2 of the Swahili International Tourism Expo and we were waiting downstairs by the time Vumbi arrived. As we drove into town after making the rounds to pick up the others from their hotels, we notice a train of people in blue t-shirts jogging along. Vumbi informed us it was a special day in honour of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere regarded as the Father of Tanzania.

Gumbo, Mark & Cephas…

There was a 2-hour networking session at the expo grounds, while exhibition continued. We left the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre at 17:30hrs and returned to our hotels.

Back at Sea Cliff Hotels & Casino

After dinner, Kojo and I tried to get into town to meet up with Mark and Cephas, but we couldn’t find them. So we returned to Sea Cliff Hotels & Casino and called it a night.

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