Sunshine Harare

By Mike-Alvin Usifo

Most trips to Zimbabwe begin at Harare only as a connecting point, but those who spare the time to explore the city usually find it interesting. Harare’s weather is its first bloom, the famous jacaranda trees in the city usually testify to this between September and October when they swing into full bloom, turning Africa’s Sunshine City into a sea of attractive purple. 

Harare is equally home to a number of Zimbabwe’s landmarks, with the National Heroes Acre as a distinctive ice on the park. The 57-acre monument, built to commemorate patriots who dedicated their lives to national service, is modelled after an AK-47 rifle and stands as a symbol of Zimbabwe’s independence. 

Samora Machel Avenue…

Equally distinctive is the Balancing Rock at Epworth. Here, visitors usually marvel at the arrangement of rocks upon one another in quite amazing manner. The wonderful nature’s ingenuity displayed here is a fascinating geological formation that has in fact featured on the old Zimbabwean Dollar

Heroes’ Acre…
Balancing Rock (Flying Boat Formation)

Harare’s many parks and gardens, including the National Botanical Garden, Harare Gardens, Greenwood Park, Mukuvisi Woodland, Kuimba Shiri Bird Park, as well as the Lion and Cheetah Park, Snake World, Lake Chivero Recreational Park and Bird Garden among others, are equally lure for the soul. With a mix of hiking, bird viewing, sightseeing and perfect picnic spots on offer at the parks, these leisure spots—some located just outside the city, are simply interesting sites for a day out with friends and family.

If Harare failed to rock your world on your last visit, please visit again between April and May when the city adorns itself in the best of colours as it stages the renowned Harare International Festival of Arts. The other entertainment peak period is September when everything stands still for the Harare International Carnival.


Mike-Alvin Usifo is a former staff of Afro Tourism. This piece was written for the maiden edition of S.E.E. AFRICA magazine published in 2016.

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