Destination Marketing

We help promote destinations on behalf of Regional or National Tourism Boards in Africa and the World at large. We consistently look to increase the human traffic to a city or a country by strategically positioning it as a tourism destination through an amplification of it’s attractions, especially the relatively untapped ones.

Our approach is experiential and we look to provide what tourists need, as opposed to selling what Tourism Boards have, hence giving us a customer- centric approach as we target the right audience, take advantage of their travel motivations and match their aspirations with their realities.

By doing this, we are able to drive revenue upward for our clients, aid the development of the local tourism potential and act as advertisers, consultants and marketers of the destinations.

Our scope covers the entire value chain of Tourism Business using the strong instrument of media.


Periodically, we organize Master Classes, Seminars and Workshops targeted at different segments of the market i.e. From people aspiring to build careers in Tourism to Practitioners in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism on a broader scale.

Our modules cover themes on Blogging, Business, Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Industry Trends, Hospitality Practices, Marketing, Networking, Sales among others.

We incorporate a hands-on approach that does not end at the theoretical foundation but extends to practical real-life cases and scenarios, so as to arm everyone who attends our trainings with the mindset and skills that ensure effectiveness and efficiency wherever they find themselves.

Corporates also engage us to provide bespoke training for specific departments and also the entire workforce as the need arises.

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We strongly believe that having amazing attractions or destinations without it being public is like winking at a lady in the dark; pointless. Hence the strong media approach we have to our marketing and promotion of tourism for our clients. Deploying our strong media resources, we are able to influence travel in Africa through Content Marketing, Multimedia, Print Media, Social Media and Digital Marketing.

We harness the power of the media in reaching key targets and cleverly use information to drive inbound tourism to any of our client’s attractions or destinations.

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As part of our efforts towards promoting and developing tourism in Africa and beyond, we work with various partners in organizing various travel and tourism events geared towards educating people about responsible tourism and generating ideas for developing the travel industry.

An example of such events is the Nigeria Travel Week (NTW), which we organized in 2017, during which we hosted Tourism experts from across the globe, and provided the platform for fertilization of ideas between Nigerian travel industry players and their counterparts from within and outside the African continent. 

For us, we take travel event seriously as we believe it is an avenue to build friendly relations within the industry, and create an avenue for strong partnerships.

Would you want to join us in planning our next event or you wish to have us as a partner in organizing your event? Why not contact us now.

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