Privacy Policy


Afrotourism web site uses the information provided voluntarily by users of this website, so as users have direct and substantial contact with Afrotourism, to provide them answers to specific questions posed and finally their requests to be served and carried out. The information gathered by the Afrotourism website is designed to measure the number of traffic, determine user requirements for information and products. The Afrotourism does not distribute to any other organization or partner – who is not associated with Afrotourism – e-mail addresses or any other information concerning users and customers.

Information’s collection

Afrotourism website is designed so that users may visit it without having to reveal their identity unless they wish to. Visitors are asked to provide their personal data if they want to join Afrotourism network, to register to our newsletter and/or want to send an e-mail to Afrotourism.

Transaction Security

All payments made by using cards processed through the electronic payment platform use encryption with TLS 1.1 protocol encryption 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Use of information

Afrotourism website collects two types of information about users:
(i) Information the user gives us during registration,
(ii) Information the user gives us to complete an order through Afrotourism website.
Upon completion of an order form on Afrotourism website, you will be asked your name, address, zip code of your area, your address, your phone number, credit card information, the payment order. Additionally you may be requested for more specific information, such as dispatch – delivery of an order, billing information or details on the offer you have requested.
The Afrotourism uses the information during the electronic submission of the order, in order to contact customers/users:
(i) for the delivery of your order on your shipping address,
(ii) to confirm and identify the client in any necessary case,
(iii) for new or alternative products offered by Afrotourism,
(iv) for special offers presenting on Afrotourism,
(v) for the delivery of gifts by contest.
You may choose whether or not to receive such communications from Afrotourism by sending your request via e-mail to [email protected]

Correct, Modify or Delete Information

Afrotourism allows users to correct, change, add or delete data and information added in Afrotourism website. If you choose to delete any information, Afrotourism will act to remove this information from the files immediately. For the protection and safety of the user, Afrotourism will try to ensure that the person make the changes are actually the same person as the user. To access, change or delete your personal data in order to report problems with the operation of the Afrotourism website or sending any query, please contact Afrotourism website through or e-mail address [email protected] . Changing or correcting your personal data may also be made via the registration page of Afrotourism. Please note that we will do everything possible to protect your personal data, but the password protection on our website is also a matter that depends on you too.

Privay policy updates

Periodically we may expand, update, improve or change the Afrotourism website and therefore also our Privacy Policy. We will post updates here so that you are informed of them without any prior notification We recommend you read this section at regular intervals in order to be notified of any changes to the contents of this privacy policy.

Acceptance of Privacy Protection Procedures in Afrotourism

Using this website you accept and consent to this Privacy Policy as well as the terms and conditions of the Afrotourism website use, which are announced through this.