My Uganda Memoir: Kampala Return & A Night at Ndere

Feb 15, 2017: After two fun-filled days in Jinja, we returned to the capital city, Kampala…


We made a return to the capital city, Kampala. After lunch at the Jinja Nile Resort, we set out on our return journey. On the way, we made stopped over for some site inspections before we arrived. Two days away meant we got new rooms when we arrived back at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

Kampala Sheraton
Settling in my room at Kampala Sheraton…
Kampala Sheraton
View from my room…

Our host, the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) informed us that dinner was going to be outside the hotel. So around 17:00 we assembled downstairs and were chaperoned to Ndere Cultural Centre in Ntinda.

Arrival at Ndere Cultural Centre…
Settling down for an evening of good food and wholesome entertainment…

It was a beautiful evening as we ate dinner and were treated to a diversity of spectacular performances by the Ndere Troupe, depicting cultural displays from each of the regions of Uganda. The owner and founder Mr. Stephen Rwangyezi kept us thoroughly entertained with rib-cracking jokes as the MC.

With the night well spent, we returned to Kampala Sheraton Hotel and had a beautiful night sleep.


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