My Uganda Memoir: My Birthday! What a Pleasant Surprise!


Feb. 13, 2017: So, it’s my birthday…

Birthday Surprise!

We had just returned from the sunset cruise on the River Nile and made our way to the restaurant at Jinja Nile Resort. It had been a long but interesting day. Yes, it was my birthday, but I had no inkling what the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) had planned for me.

We left Kampala early, setting off for Jinja, the place where the longest river in the world begins its journey. Jinja is also regarded as the Adventure Capital of East Africa.

Anyway, we had a stopover at Mabira Forest for some ziplining activities and the rain caught us there. We eventually arrived Jinja and barely settled in our rooms at the Jinja Nile resort before we were summoned for the sunset cruise.

So, yeah it’s been a hectic day and I had even forgotten about my birthday when it all started at the restaurant…

My birthday
My birthday
My birthday
My irthday
My birthday
My birthday

I am grateful to everyone who made this possible: UTB, management of Jinja Nile Resort, friends and colleagues in the tourism industry. God bless you all. I love you.


Uganda, the Pearl of Africa is one of the continent’s most loved travel destinations; her alpine Rwenzori mountains, exotic wildlife, invigorating nightlife, captivating culture, and sacred religious monuments all add to the magic of her allure.

Uganda’s four regions have unique and distinguishable characters rooted in their vibrant culture, gorgeous scenery, and the most charming people in East Africa. The country is also blessed with a warm tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 25-29°C. 

It’s without a doubt that Kampala, best known for its night-lifestyle, Jinja the adventure city and Fort Portal the tourism city are the most famous cities in the pearl. If you’re looking forward to turning up, these 3 have got to be on your destination list…


Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is located in the central region on the shores of Lake Victoria. The city has many attractions, destinations and tourists activities ranging from events to prime time venues and hotels, that’s why it’s referred to as the East Africa’s happiest city.

The city gets its name from Impala (Aepyceros melampus) a medium-sized African antelope that used to roam the jungles where Kampala seats today. Located just 40 Km from Entebbe International Airport, Kampala will amaze you with its beauty, culture and hospitality before you venture the rest of the country.

The city boasts of many attractions visitors warmly explore everytime they visit Uganda; including the National Museumthe famous Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s Lake, Bulange Mengo, Kabaka’s palace (Lubiri, Mengo), the Uganda National Cultural Center, various religious centers like Bahai Temple, Kibuli & Gadaffi Mosques, Namirembe Cathedral, Rubaga Catholics Cathedral, Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrinevarious shopping malls and night clubs.


It is one thing to have the source of the longest river in the world at the heart of your city and it is another to know what to do with it. Jinja City manages to do both – and so well, it is dubbed “The Adventure City”. 

Jinja isn’t just an incredible tourist destination though, it is Uganda’s economic heartbeat, anchoring some of Africa’s most humongous dams and housing large industrial parks with close to 100 industries. Uganda isn’t without Jinja. The City somehow manages to put to good use the associated waterfalls and rapids on the Nile, and does so with just one goal in mind – to take your breath, literally.

Fort Portal

Fort Portal has since been designated, “The Tourism City of Uganda” and is the largest city in the Western part of the country, where it sits 297 kilometers from Kampala. It is known to be the cleanest Ugandan city and is the most well-positioned city, forming a gateway to various National Parks including Queen Elizabeth, Kibale, Rwenzori, Bwindi Impenetrable and Semuliki National Parks and Toro-Semuliki Wildlife reserves. 

The City prides itself with a stable climate and a conducive environment making it one of the most rewarding destinations to explore anytime of the year.

Culturally, Fort Portal is the center of Tooro Kingdom, and the Karuzika Palace, which is home to King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, standing tall on Kabarole hill in the center of town. 

Whether you live in the foothills of Fort Portal or enjoy the bustling Kampala City life, there’s always an adventure to be found in Uganda. You can eat a freshly cooked meal in sprawling local markets that welcome all, escape to the nearest kafunda to enjoy local brew or seek an even bigger adventure in the wilds of Uganda’s national parks. The choice is yours.


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