My Uganda Memoir: Day 2 Activities & Kampala Nightlife

Feb 18, 2017: Activities at the expo ground continued, while in the evening I explored Kampala…


Day 2 of the expo and exhibitions continued at the Kampala Sheraton grounds with various entertainment activities to excite the crowd who came around.

Crowd of locals enjoying performances at the expo ground

There wasn’t much to do besides visiting the stands and networking. Cephas and I, along with Nkiru caught up with Ms. Carmen Nibigira the Regional Coordinator for the East Africa Tourism Platform (EATP), for an interview. Afterwards, Cephas had a chat with Prof. Wolfgang Thome, before we went down for lunch.

Nkiru and Ms. Nibigira holding a copy of S.E.E.AFRICA
Cephas and Prof.
Lunch time…
Jean and Franz Theiler from Switzerland
Ermias my man…

Later at night, Henry came around with some friends and Mark and I went with out with him to explore Kampala nightlife. We were not allowed to take pictures at the first place we went. It was a lively outdoor rendezvous environment.

We spoke with the manager and he made some flimsy excuses about taking pictures. So we just chilled there for a while, until two of the ladies who came with Henry were ready to leave. We dropped the two ladies off and went on to on to Gekko Lounge & Terrace.

Mark, Henry and two of Henry’s friends
ITB India

Accra Weizo 2023

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