Memories from Senegal: Exploring Saint Louis

I slept long and by the time I got up the sun was very much up. I took a stroll down the deserted beach before returning to my room to freshen up. After brekkie, I checked Eumeuh and discovered another guy at the reception. He told me Eumeuh would come later in the afternoon.

My own private beach I guess…

I called Adama and he instead asked me to come over to his office on Rue Blaise DiagneI don’t know anywhere here, dude! He told me it was pretty easy, I should take a cab. I asked the guy at the reception to call a cabbie and soon I was on my way to meet Adama.

The inevitable calèche along Rue Hydrobase

It was past midday and being a Friday, it will soon be time for the Juma’at prayers, Adama pointed out when I got to his place. He told me we could do a tour of the island later in the day when the sun was no longer as intense as it was. Adama is not a bad guy, but he didn’t seem to understand that I was time bound. I had imagine we could explore places like Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, Langue de Barbarie, etc. I understand though. Friday prayers couldn’t be missed.

I took a walk around parts of the island before returning to the hotel. I noticed the shops and market emptied and no one was available to sell because it was prayer time, and I needed to get a new adapter. Eumeuh was around, by the time I got back to the hotel. We got talking and he mentioned Club Papayer, because I told him I needed to get contacts of the various night spots. He gave me his number and asked me to call him in the evening, he would come and take me there.

The new Pont Masseck Ndiaye connecting island to peninsula

I went to my room and took some rest. Later around 16:00hrs, I called Adama if he was ready, and he said I should start coming. This guy drives a hard bargain. I made my way out of Hotel Djamarek and hurried along Rue Hydrobase since I couldn’t get a taxi. I eventually rode on a calèche and met Adama at the foot of the old bridge waiting with a calèche. He is a very knowledgeable guide in spite of everything.

Place Faidherbe
I apologise to PETA, Adama cut the horse’s neck off
The oldest cathedral in West Africa
Riding through the narrow alleys of N’Dar
Youths playing on the streets of N’Dar
Chamber of Commerce
The Grand Mosque
Pont Faidherbe

Later in the evening, we went to the various night spots, but they were much low-keyed. It was Friday. I returned to the hotel and called Eumeuh. He came over and we went to Club Papayer. It was empty.

Pont Faidherbe at night
La Saigonnaise restaurant & bar
Flamingo Restaurant, Hotel de la Poste
Club Papayer
Eumeuh in front of Club Papayer

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