M’Bour Département, Senegal

M’Bour is one of the most important tourism destination in Senegal. About 80km south of Dakar, the port city lies on the Petite Côte of the Atlantic Ocean and is a part of the Thiès Region. Fishing, peanut processing and tourism are the main industries in the city.

Fishing activities at M’Bour…

M’Bour is also a major transportation point. At the M’Bour bus station, there are buses, sept-places and private cars to different parts of the country.

M’Bour comprises of M’Bour town, Saly and La Somone. Saly which is about the most famous is a popular beach resort and a major tourist hub. There are several hotels and places to stay offering varying services from cheap to boutique and luxury.

Plage de Saly

Night life in M’Bour is vibrant and it starts pretty late from about 23:30hrs. There are bars, lounges, discotheques and nightclubs around Bougainvillea area in Saly. Taxis are available pretty much 24hrs to take you back and forth from there.

Plage de Somone…
Lagune Somone…

La Somone is a smaller beach resort about 2km from Saly. It offers a hosts of activities on the Lagune Somone and the beach. There is also a cultural village on the other side of the lagoon while there are several birdlife species.

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