Madagascar is an island nation on the Indian Ocean. Situated off the coast of southeast Africa, it is the fourth largest Island in the world. 98% of the inhabitants speak the same language called Malagasy.

You will discover species of birds unique to the area and it has aboriginal rights to over 90 percent of it’s flora and fauna, majority of which can’t be found anywhere else. Where else would you find the prosimian primate, the lemur?

It is the location of some spectacular mountains and deep rain forests. Madagascar is a world unto its self ecologically, which is why it is hailed by some as the eighth continent.

There is no shortage of activities In Madagascar, the National parks is home to a remarkable number of wildlife. The white sandy beaches along the coastline ensure you will have some interesting walks and get a fill of the scenery. 

Kayaking, deep-sea fishing and wind surfing are some of the activities you can participate in. It is a haven for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. It is a land of discovery.

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