Madagascar: The Eighth Continent

Sometimes referred to as the eighth continent, Madagascar is an amazing and fascinating island. As a bubbling sanctuary, Madagascar is an ode to life filled with magical and rare site of beauty. Its high lands and mountains, primary forests, the depths of its lagoons, towns and villages offer a remarkable explosion of colors, shapes and sounds which are not available elsewhere and a feast to the eyes.

Madagascar has made a lasting impression on its visitors’ hearts that never fades. Madagascar is a call to travel. One of those rare destinations that has the art of awakening dreams of departure, desires to the unknown and needs to relate to others.

It is the most beautiful of all its treasures!

Madagascar’s tourist attractions include its beaches and biodiversity. The island’s endemic wildlife and forests are unique tourist attractions which contribute to the development of the country.

Madagascar has been isolated from the African landmass for approximately 165 million years and its flora and fauna evolved in isolation from that time onwards. The island is one of the world’s most biologically diverse areas, with many endemic species.

More than half of the island’s breeding birds are endemic; other endemic species include the Red-bellied Lemur, the Indri, and the Aye-aye. It is internationally renowned as a wildlife tourism and ecotourism destination, focusing on lemurs, birds, and orchids.

Ecotourism is seeing good development in Madagascar due to the presence of exciting natural sites, including 50 natural parks and reserves located on the island. This is combined with the presence of mid-priced travel accommodation outlets (2-star and 3-star suites within small cosy hotels) and French-speaking personnel.

Sourced from Madagascar Embassy in the US and Fortune of Africa

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