With its rich ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity and distinct Americo-Liberian heritage, Liberia culture provides a fascinating and unique experience for lovers of history as you get to grips with its 16 major tribes and interesting legacy of the freed American slaves who came to settle here.

Liberia beaches are uncrowded and unspoilt. This idyllic coastline stretches hundreds of miles fringed by thick rainforest and mangroves that spill out on to the golden sands to meet the tumbling warm waves of the Atlantic.

Home to over 40% of West Africa’s Upper Guinea Forest, Liberia nature offers a rich habitat for a diverse array of natural species, not least Liberia’s enduring national symbol, the shy pygmy hippopotamus.

Nature lovers will also delight in the incredibly bio-diverse habitat for fauna and flora, new species of the latter still being discovered to this day. You’ll feel like a true explorer as you wander beneath its canopies and hidden fern fields yielding many natural treasures you could only dream of.

From the expansive Atlantic coastline and uninterrupted swells and rainforest that fringe the golden sands, to West Africa’s tallest peak and unexplored Upper Guinean Rainforest, Liberia delivers on your dreams of being free to explore a destination that few have had the rare opportunity to visit.

The opportunities for surfing in Liberia attract surfers from all over the world seeking to master the swells that have travelled unimpeded through the Atlantic to reach West Africa’s best surfing spot. The jewel in Liberia’s surfing crown is Robertsport, a three-hour drive from the capital, Monrovia, near the border of Sierra Leone.

For more about the destination, visit Liberia Tourism.

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