Kampala Nights: Ndere Cultural Centre

Kampala, the bustling capital of the Pearl of AfricaUganda is a city that never sleeps. If you’re a nocturnal creature on the prowl for a nocturnal adventure, Kampala offers you lots of places where you can unwind and catch your fun. One of such places is the Ndere Cultural Centre situated at Plot 4505 Kira Rd, Ntinda. 

Away from the modern pop culture, strobe-light discos, slamming nightclubs and bars, and exclusive lounges, Ndere offers a different kind of night time entertainment, somewhat similar to the Boma, Place of Eating Restaurant in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Yet, Ndere is very different.


Founded by Stephen Rwangezi as the Ndere Troupe in 1984, the Centre has grown in leaps and bounds and is regarded as “Africa’s dancing encyclopedia.” An evening at Ndere Cultural Centre is a must for any visitor to Kampala, and it is an experience to treasure. Apart from the energetic dance and drumming, with the flute playing, Mr. Rwangyezi who hosts the evenings is a jovial personality and he spices the performances with endless humour. 

The centre also has a restaurant that serves food and drinks. It was a great honour to visit Ndere Cultural Centre and witness the performance during the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo POATE 2017.

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