Janjangbureh, The Gambia

Located on McCarthy Island in the River Gambia, Janjangbureh or Janjanbureh was founded in 1823 as a settlement for freed slaves by Captain Alexander Grant. Originally known as Georgetown until 1995, it was only accessible by ferry until July 2010 when a 100m span bridge was opened, linking the south bank of McCarthy Island to the Sankulay Kunda village on the mainland.

Janjangbureh is a quiet sleepy town and which provides an escape for the country’s president to take some time off the day to day running of the affairs of the state. The town is as rustic as it gets and the atmosphere is calm and peaceful as the locals go about their daily lives. At present, there is not much to see in Janjangbureh in terms of outlandish buildings or spectacular monuments.

The town has several colonial buildings which unfortunately are rundown and dilapidated. However, it is a good place to head to if you want to shut out the world and ignore civilization for a while. Eco tourism is a good reason for a trip to Janjangbureh, especially on the Gambia River.

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