The city grinds to a halt during rush hours – 7am-9am and 4:30pm-6: 30pm. Car-hire/rental is available, chauffeur-driven, or self-drive, starting from KSh4000 for a day.

Taxis are not necessarily cheap, but do make city life easier and safer – especially at night. Always agree on the price before hopping aboard, because they are not metered. Taxis are usually marked with a yellow line on each side, and can be found around hotels and tourist spots. Taxis also can be hired for a full day, if the need arises.

Commuter buses popularly called matatu are available in 14-seater and 50-seater types and the fare ranges between KSh10. In 2011, the 14-seater matatu was banned within Nairobi in an attempt to reduce traffic congestions and accidents. Walking around is okay because the city centre is fairly small and places are easy to access.