FishPath Honors Seychelles Specialist, Dr. Ameer Ebrahim

A Seychelles Fisheries Specialist, Dr. Ameer Ebrahim was recently invited and honoured to become a Global FishPath Network Member at a gathering that was held recently in Portland, Maine, USA.

The FishPath Network is a powerful community of recognised global experts focused on providing science-based, quantitative, participatory, and bottom-up approaches to collaborative fisheries sustainability, with a goal of improving small-scale, coastal fisheries globally.

Members of the FishPath Network taken at the Network gathering in Portland, Maine, USA

The FishPath Network provides a platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing lessons, with an aim to produce concrete products that directly support small-scale fisheries.

FishPath is an approach to setting fisheries on the path to sustainability. Its main element is a stakeholder engagement process guided by the online FishPath decision-support tool.

FishPath was initiated by an expert working group and refined and expanded by The Nature Conservancy (TNC), with partners at USA NOAA Fisheries and Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

To date, the FishPath process has been applied in over 10 countries spanning 5 continents. In Seychelles, FishPath is being applied to two specific fisheries; the spanner crab and lobster fishery, and is being led by Dr. Ebrahim through support by the FishPath Network.

The aim of this process is to ensure that both these fisheries are sustainably managed through adoption of a bottom-up process and providing technical support to the local authorities.

Dr. Ameer Ebrahim is the Director of Ameer Ebrahim Consulting, La Louise in Mahe, Seychelles. A marine ecologist with a vast experience in fisheries management and ecology, Dr. Ebrahim is also a registered Environment Impact Assessment consultant. He was awarded his PhD in Marine Ecology from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2020.

Dr. Ebrahim served as Head of Fisheries Management and Technical Coordination at the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA), Chief Scientific Advisor to the James Michel Foundation, and Director of Conservation and Science at the Island Conservation Society (ICS).

He served as an Executive Board Member of the Seychelles’ Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT), and is a current Board Member of The Moyenne Island Board of Trustees.

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