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From Cairo to Cape Town lies a vast expanse, filled with an intriguing array of nature’s wonders, breathtaking scenery and an astonishing display of man’s creative brilliance, both ancient and modern, peopled with a rich cultural diversity.

Explore snowcapped mountains, rocks and volcanoes; white-sand beaches, lakes, rivers and gushing waterfalls; sun-bleached deserts, sand dunes, oases and dense mangrove forests teeming with a varied species of birdlife, temples, tombs and giant pyramids, grand mosques and impressive cathedrals, rock paintings and sculptural artifacts, buildings, landmarks and monuments masterpieces, national parks and game reserves, cultivated gardens, laced with exuberant cultural expressions in music and dance, festivals, arts and more…


Explore the African Diaspora, from the Americas and Caribbean to Black communities everywhere across the globe.

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Cities and Countries

Mahé, Seychelles

Mahé’s virgin forests cascade down lush mountainsides to more than 60 beaches where, often, the only footprints...

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