Dakar, Senegal

Dakar the capital of Senegal is a beautiful African city. The streets are clean, the people are friendly and at night the city dazzles with all the brilliant lights. Tourism value is pretty good, being a coastal city with beautiful beaches, while a couple of impressive structures and monuments dot the landscape.

Dakar is a city on the rise. It is a beehive of activities for travelers coming in from Europe, North America and other parts of Africa, but the hospitality business in the city is adequately prepared to meet the demands of numerous patrons. The city hardly sleep with it exciting night life and you will see people going out at one after midnight.


The climate is typical of West African tropical weather – that means lots of sunshine. However, Dakar can be really cold at night and early morning, especially between January and April with temperatures dropping to 17°C.

The people are quite friendly, but there is a growing band of youth who hassle and scam people. It is easy to fall in to their scheme, especially if you don’t speak the language. Many come offering to show you around and try to pull a fast one. But, hey! Never let such a little thing deny you the pleasure of visiting this beautiful African city.

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