South Sudan

South Sudan
November 17, 2014 Miriam Chiazor

Welcome to South Sudan

South Sudan is the youngest nation in Africa. The country was born from the previous Sudan country, which then was comprised of the south and northern regions. Coming into existence in 2011 on 9th July, the country has struggled to keep up with the lucrative tourism and travel industry, due to its natural capability to fit in this industry. Although the country might seem so young, this doesn’t rule out the plenty it offers in terms of tourist attraction. South Sudan holds one of the extensive grasslands, swamps, lakes and rivers. All these natural features contribute a lot to the natural beauty of this amazing country located on east Africa northern region.

Its holds one of the antic wildlife features that rivals other countries in eastern part of Africa. South Sudan is actually the home of the greatest and largest migration routes of animals in the world. This country also holds some significant numbers of wild safari animals like elephants, lions, giraffes and many more others. Boma national park, Nimule, Bandigilo, Sudd and Southern national parks are some of the parks with thrilling wildlife experience that you can’t miss out.

The cultural diversity displayed by several different communities, creates a frontier that draws any one close due to their social aspect. The dressing and some cultural activities performed by south Sudan people are captivating and wonderful as well.

Although this country is trying to set up itself, its true ability to attract tourist is expressed effectively by the social aspect of the people and their diverse cultures, the plunging landscapes and other natural resources as well as wildlife which rule the beauty of South Sudan.





Destinations in South Sudan

  • Juba

    Juba is Africa’s youngest capital city following the recognition of South Sudan as an independent nation in 2011 by the international community...

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Quick facts

  • Official name
    Republic of South Sudan
  • Location
    South Sudan is a landlocked country located in northeastern Africa. It is bordered by Republic of Sudan to the north, Ethiopia to the east, Kenya to the southeast, Uganda to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southwest and Central African Republic to the west
  • Government
    Democratic, Republic
  • Dialing code
  • Climate weather
  • Population
    11,090,104 on 644,329 km²
  • Official language
    English, Arabic
  • Other major languages
    Dinka, Nuer, Zande, Bari, Shilluk
  • Currency
    South Sudanese Pound (SSP)
  • Foreign currencies accepted
    USD ($)
  • Entry requirements
    Visa required (takes less than 7 days). (For more information, visit the South Sudan embassy closest to you)