November 17, 2014 Miriam Chiazor

Welcome to Mayotte

Mayotte is a French island country, it is off east Africa and situated between Madagascar and Mozambique. It is part of the Comoro Islands and encompasses several small islands. It has a very small human population of less than 500,000 people and opted to remain under French dependence rather than join the rest of the Independent Republic of the Comoros when they voted for independence.

It has a wide variety of Fauna; the major species of birds found are the Sunbird, White-eye and the Drongo. Other rare species include the green turtle and sea turtles nestling on the beaches are a regular sight on the island.

Mayotte has some great historic sites worth visiting and you can sight hump back whales in the Lagoons if you travel around August -September. Sailing and snorkeling are the activities to engage in and diving is a must do activity as it has one the largest lagoons in the world formed by the local coral reef that surrounds it.

Mayotte as a travel destination is a bit on the costly side, so it is advisable to be well prepared in terms of costs and expenses.





Quick facts

  • Official name
    Mayotte Island
  • Location
    An archipelago consisting of one main island (Maore) and a smaller island (Pamanzi) in the Indian Ocean. It is bordered northwest by Madagascar, northeast by Mozambique and east by Tanzania
  • Government
    Overseas Department
  • Dialing code
  • Climate weather
  • Population
    220,859 on 374.0 km²
  • Official language
  • Other major languages
    Mahorian, Kibushi
  • Currency
    Euro (€).
  • Foreign currencies accepted
    GBP (£), USD ($)
  • Entry requirements
    EU and certain Commonwealth countries are exempt from visas. Yellow Fever vaccinations are not required but ensure that all your vaccinations are up to date. (For more information, visit -