November 4, 2014 Miriam Chiazor

Welcome to Egypt

Egypt is seen as the birthplace of human life and a once powerful, ancient civilization. Many empires including the Byzantine and the Romans have occupied it. Along with biblical references.

Egypt is one of the most important places in the world because of its rich history. There are a plethora of activities and attractions in Egypt that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world.

It’s a time capsule of the country’s greatness as you gaze upon the pyramid of Giza. Run your fingers through the Nile River and stare in amazement at the mesmerizing Sphinx.

Dive right into the culture and discover the treasures of Egypt yourself.


News Update: Egypt Shelves New Visa Rule     (See ‘What To Know’)






Destinations in Egypt

  • Alexandria

    Alexandria has been a bustling Mediterranean metropolis ever since it was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. It was known...

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  • Cairo

    Cairo is an urban playground with the excitement of modern fun along with marvels of the ancient world surrounding the city...

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  • Hurghada

    Hurghada was founded in the 20th century and primarily used as a fishing town. Not until recent years has the city been transforming into the tropical...

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  • Luxor

    The city of Luxor is basically one big open museum of numerous temples and monuments. Luxor was built around the ruins of the once powerful Thebes...

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Quick facts

  • Official name
    Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Location
    Egypt is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia, via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Gulf of Aqaba to the east, the Red Sea to the east and south, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west.
  • Government
    Provisional government
  • Dialing code
  • Climate weather
  • Population
    86,895,099 on 995,450 km²
  • Official language
  • Other major languages
    English, French, German.
  • Currency
    Egyptian Pound (EGP)
  • Foreign currencies accepted
    GBP (£), EUR (€), USD ($)
  • Entry requirements
    Visa (7-10 days to process); Yellow Fever certificate is required only for travelers coming from a country with risk of Yellow Fever transmission. (For more information, visit -
  • What to know
    LATEST NEWS: After announcing last month (March, 2015) that individual tourists travelling to Egypt would be required to obtain a visa prior to their arrival, the Egyptian Tourist Authority said the decision has been postponed. Now, that regulation won’t go into effect until Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs creates an electronic visa application system, said the Egyptian Tourist Authority. It did not say when that will happen. The postponed policy change did not apply to group tours, for which tourist visas could still be obtained upon arrival in Egypt. Source: Travel Weekly: Best time to visit: December to February and June to August.
  • Health tips
    Travelers should come prepared to beat the heat with a high factor sunblock and drink plenty of water to combat dehydration.
  • Security advice
    Terrorist attacks have been ongoing, with several bombings taking place in Cairo and other regions in 2014. Attacks against tourists have been reported.