Democratic Republic of The Congo

Democratic Republic of The Congo
November 17, 2014 Miriam Chiazor

Welcome to Democratic Republic of The Congo

The Democratic Republic of The Congo which was formerly referred to as Republic of Zaire is the largest of all the countries in the Southern and Central Africa. It is located at the center of the continent, and lies above the Equator, occupying a total area of about 2, 4345,095 kilometers square.

The population of the country is calculated at around 75, 259, 000 as of 2011, shared into ten provinces, and one capital namely Kinshasa. DRC gained independence on the 30th of June, 1960 and other populated part of the areas include Matadi, Goma, Lubumashi, and Kisangani.

The economy of DRC is largely based on mining, with abundance of mineral resources extending from copper, cobalt, petroleum, manganese, tin, iron ore, to gold, radium, timber and silver. It was ranked fourth among the largest industrial diamonds producers in the 1980s, and the export is dominated by diamonds, totaling about half of its total exports.

DRC is endowed with rain forests, wildlife, and rivers that give room for essential investment opportunity for enhancing and constructing hotels and Eco-tourism. It is made up of rich landscape falls, swamps and rapids, and virgin forests with wildlife surplus in the north.

The forests house various indigenous tribes that depict their traditional lifestyle. The sandy coastal plain, the lagoon behind Mayombe Mountain is a place to see and explore while the musicians unveil the night life of this amazing location at night.

The scenic beauty, multi-culture, and plenty attractions has concluded the destination to be a charming landscape in Africa. The geography contributes to its unusual atmosphere of all the destinations in the world. You will come across the paved road; an area of vast jungles and corners, wide-spread outposts, rain forests and volcanoes which makes the country untamed.





Destinations in Democratic Republic of The Congo

  • Kinshasa

    Kinshasa is the Capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo with the trio distinction of being the country’s capital...

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Quick facts

  • Official name
    Democratic Republic of The Congo
  • Location
    Democratic Republic of Congo is located in the African Great Lakes region of Central Africa. It is bordered by the Central African Republic; South Sudan to the north; Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi to the east; Zambia and Angola to the south; and the Republic of the Congo to the west
  • Government
    Semi-presidential system, Republic
  • Dialing code
  • Climate weather
  • Population
    4,662,446 on 2,345,408 km²
  • Official language
  • Other major languages
    Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba
  • Currency
    Congolese Franc (CDF)
  • Foreign currencies accepted
    USD ($)
  • Entry requirements
    Visa (takes less than 7 days to process); Yellow Fever certificate is required on arrival from all travelers over one year of age. (For more information, visit -
  • Health tips
    There is a significant malaria risk throughout the country, and advice should be sought in advance about preventive measures. HIV/AIDS is prevalent
  • Security advice
    Travelers are advised against all but essential travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo because of continuing tension and insecurity. The east and north east of the country are insecure and travelers should be cautious if travel to the region is necessary, particularly near the borders with Uganda and Rwanda.