Rabat overview

Rabat, the capital of Morocco is a city that has undergone great growth and resides on the river mouth of Bou regreg and the Atlantic ocean.

The population is roughly 1.8 million people which are from Rabat, Salé and Temera. Rabat is also home to all of the foreign embassies and though her port has diminished the city still is important regarding production of goods.

CNN awarded the city second place in the Top travel destinations of 2013.

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Rabat is the place to go to see Moroccan history collide with modern life, and appreciate how the city’s European roots weaves spectacularly through its African heritage. While in Rabat, you must see the Medina of Rabat—the older part of the city. This area is notable for its shopping streets—with Souk es Sebbat and Rue Souka, standing out, look out also for interesting buildings such as the Koubba Mosque, Merinid Fountain, the Grand Mosque; and visit the Mellah (Jewish quarter) to explore its interesting flea market. You must not miss the Royal Palace at Rabat too, it is an Islamic architectural masterpiece constructed in 1864 with walls. Public visitation is restricted to some rooms though. The Hassan Tower which is the largest minaret in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site is a must see. Just next door to the tower is the Mausoleum of Mohamed V, a glittering structure that houses the opulent tomb of three Moroccan kings. You should also explore the Gardens of Sala Colonia in Chellah. There is also the Natural Science Museum which has an impressive 150 million year old skeleton of a Sauropod dinosaur on display. Visit the Oudaias Museum and the Andalusian Gardens; Rabat Archaeology Museum and the Abul Hassan Medersa, and you can relax at the Temara beachfront

Food and Drinks in Rabat

Hunger or lack of edible choice is the last thing you will experience in Rabat. With nice, fresh and fluffy couscous, honey-coated pumpkin and squash; tender melt-in-your-mouth lamb tagine; juicy chicken in a caramelised gravy, with a café au lait or glass of the Moroccan red wine to wash down sumptuous meals; you definitely are in for a good time!

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