Ouagadougou overview

Ouagadougou is the capital of the Burkina Faso republic; it is a multifunctional city that multiplies as the communication center, economic, cultural as well as an administration center. The city is estimated to have a population of about 1,475,223 as per the 2006 census. The name Ouagadougou is derived from the French orthography.

The country’s industrial hub is located in this city with major food processing industries and the textile industry being the major economy holder of this nation in West Africa.

Ouagadougou is also famous for its ancient trade and popular Ouagadougou grand market and it has grown to be a major city in West Africa.

The city offers a wide range of tourist attraction. Besides the culture which is made alive and portrayed on major streets of Ouagadougou, their peculiar feature of buildings rooting back to the ancient architecture is quite amazing.

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The Ethnography Museum, Ouagadougou, is a cool place to be. Situated within one of the ancient Mossi kingdoms, this museum contains a substantial collection of Mossi artefacts worth seeing. Visitors also throng the Ouaga Musée National du Burkina Faso, the national museum which houses ancestral statues, woven fabrics and traditional costumes of the country’s major ethnic groups. Don’t come without a camera or you’ll miss out on stunning pictures of the amazing Snake Museum in the Collège de la Salle as well as the expansive Loango Sculpture Park which showcases over 170 sculptures made by 18 sculptors from 13 countries. If you are in the city on a Friday, you should witness the Moro-Naba Palace every Friday morning around 0600. You’ll love it.
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Food and Drinks in Ouagadougou

Local specialties to try out include Rice with sauce, Beef and aubergine with sauce as well as staple foods like sorghum, millet, rice, maize, nuts, potatoes and yams. Beer is the staple drink in the city. And of course, it is cheap.

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