N'Djamena overview

N’Djamena is the economic and commercial capital of Chad, a land-locked central African country which was once the hotbed of conflicts and rebellion in the region. The city is home to Lake Chad, a major freshwater lake in the world, which has now began to shrink courtesy of climate change and increased pressure on it. N’Djamena lies on the border of Cameroon and on the confluence of the Chari and Logone rivers. Chari River offers stunning sunset views. The city has a very pleasant and friendly population which compensates for the city’s reputation as one of Africa’s poorest.

The inhabitants are predominantly muslims, so you’re bound to see lots of mosques within the city. In 2009, N’Djamena city was recognized as the Capital of Islamic Centre. However, there are other important attractions in the city such as the presidential palace, cathedral, national park, national museum and the unforgettable Grand Marché (central market) – an interesting place to go shopping and also experience the culture and diversity of Chad.

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Chad is a lively country with interesting places to explore. The Chad National Museum, with its beautiful and polite staff, showcases the different periods of the country’s history and anthropology. The prehistoric tools, masks and the signature treasure of the museum – skull of the Toumai Man (whom the Chadians believe is the world’s earliest human ancestor) are fascinating things to see. The Grand Marche (Central Market) is a nice place to visit as there are lots of colourful things to see and buy, such as Chadian rugs and jewellery as well as other handmade crafts and artefacts. Travellers are however advised to go in groups and accompanied by a Chadian local. The Grand Mosque N’Djamena and Avenue Charles de Gaulle are also must-see sites in N’djaména.

Food and Drinks in N'Djamena

Local meals are largely influenced by French and European cuisines. However, peanut sauce over rice is a special local dish that visitors love to try out. Local drinks include Gala, a nice locally brewed beer as well as Karkanji, a drink made from Hibiscus flowers.

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