Nairobi overview

Nairobi is Kenya’s official capital and her largest city.
Dubbed the “Green City in the Sun” due to its vegetation and warm weather, Nairobi is one of the most expensive cities in Africa and is regarded as the Safari Capital of the World.
Nairobi is a bustling cosmopolitan city and traffic usually grinds to a halt during rush hour.
Most global and continental businesses have their regional office in here.
The city offers lots of options when it comes to attractions, hanging out and eating.
There are outlets which specialise, in game meat, while the regular options are equally available.

must see in Nairobi

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Thinking of Kenya, think safari! Millions visit Nairobi for a safari, and the first point of call is the Nairobi National Park. A taxi or bus ride is all you need to get to this wildlife park which houses lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffaloes, hippos, zebras, giraffes, gazelles and more. Check out the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust within the park between 11 a.m. and noon to get a glimpse of the keepers take baby rhinos and elephants for their daily mud baths. The Langata Giraffe Centre is on the western edge of town, this is where you will see giraffes poke their heads through the windows. To appreciate Kenya’s rich history, a visit to the Nairobi Museum is a must. There on display are natural history specimens and artefacts telling the history of Kenyans. The Uhuru Park is in the middle of the city and represents a monument to Kenyan independence. Other places you must see while in Nairobi are the Kenyatta Conference Centre which is a business hob—get to its huge saucer-shaped tower to savour the superb view of the city. The Jamia Mosque is one of the biggest religious structures in Kenya though non-Muslims may not be let in, but the outside view is cool enough. The farm that the Danish author of the famed memoir Out of Africa lived on from 1917 to 1931 is now a museum—the Karen Blixen Museum. You will love to visit the site where much of the 1985 Oscar-winning movie adaptation was shot.

Food and Drinks in Nairobi

You have probably tasted many foreign dishes, they are available in abundance in many hotels, restaurants and bars in Nairobi too, but Nairobi food leaves you wanting more. In Nairobi, Nyama choma, Kiswahili for “barbecued meat”, is the unofficial state dish. You can also enjoy Ugali (Cornmeal Staple) which is usually made from cornmeal that is added to boiling water and heated until it turns into a dense block of cornmeal paste. It tastes superb when eaten along with a small amount of cooked vegetables or sauce/stew prepared by a good chef. Here is another one: Green peas and potatoes boiled and then mashed up before whole kernels of maize (corn) are added to give the mash some extra starch and texture! That is what in Nairobi is called Irio (Mashed Peas and Potato Mix). You can enjoy this meal with roasted nyama choma meat (nyama na irio) or just some local style stew. For drink, try out Nairobi’s coffee. They say coffee is from Africa, and Nairobi is its home! Try the nutty Kenyan AA blend—it will wake you up and yank you out of your tent to confront the day. Nairobi is made for cold beer, and the ubiquitous local brew is Tusker.

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