Masvingo overview

A visit to Masvingo is unarguably a date with history. In terms of size, the town is no more than a few streets surrounded by pockets of villages scattered across the bushes and mountains that enclose the main area. However, Masvingo’s relevance is beyond its size. The seemingly small town is the provincial capital of the vast Masvingo Province—home to over 1.5 million people; and it holds the unrivalled quality of being Zimbabwe’s oldest town where the southern African nation got its name.

Masvingo is located in southern Zimbabwe, almost at the middle of the country’s four important cities—Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Beitbridge (a border town with South Africa). Notably a commercial centre for cattle ranching, agriculture, gold and asbestos mining, Masvingo is equally an ideal destination for adventure junkies, sightseers and tourists generally.

In addition to its mind-blowing landscape and mesmerising history, Masvingo is home to the irresistible and awe-inspiring Great Zimbabwe Monument, Kyle National Park, and the Mushandike Sanctuary among others.

Whatever your purpose of visit, Masvingo easily make you feel at home thanks to its nice climate and friendly people. Add these to its good road network, affordable facilities and generally good infrastructure and you begin to understand why the ‘small’ town is an ideal place to visit and live, as much as it is a strategic site for doing business.

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Anybody visiting Masvingo will find the Great Zimbabwe Monument simply irresistible because of the imposing stature of the architectural masterpiece. More like an outlandish display of power and authority of an ancient ruler, the Great Zimbabwe subdues its environs by not only bringing everything from as far as Masvingo town areas into clear view, but by also making every sound made from its top re-echoed to the far end of its environ. Located 27kms from the City of Masvingo, the Great Zimbabwe Monument is the largest and most significant ancient monument south of the Sahara. It is divided into three parts viz, the Hill Complex, the Valley Enclosures and the Great Enclosure, all with unique view and experience. Equally attractive and irresistible is the scenic and picturesque Kyle Recreational Park, whose thriving white rhino population attracts visitors from everywhere. Adjacent to the Kyle is Lake Mutirikwi—Zimbabwe’s largest inland lake, which offers a variety of watersports and game view—being a waterhole for different species of animals. In town, Masvingo Caravan Park is an ideal recreation site for families, while night owls can spend interesting time at a few nightclubs in Masvingo centre.

Food and Drinks in Masvingo

The staple food in Masvingo is Sadza; a cornmeal that looks like thickened porridge. Corn is the usual ingredient for making today’s Sadza, though locals traditionally use sorghum. Sadza eaten with stewed vegetable and an assortment of meats, and washed down with local beer or any soft drink. There are other popular dishes as well such as rice and chips, as well as other international cuisines.

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