Maseru overview

Being the largest city as well as the capital city of Lesotho, Maseru doubles as an administrative and commercial city. This city is found in the north western border of South Africa. Its location plays a major role by facilitating access to one of the major harbors in Durban.

Maseru has grown to become a multifunctional and an impressive city in Lesotho, since independence in 1966. This city holds a population of about 227,880 according to the census in 2006. It is also a major industrial hub in Lesotho, with electronic, clothing and textile industries being key players in the economy.

The city is also known for various entertainment joints and attraction features i.e. the casinos as well as hotels and restaurants, which brighten up any night spent in this amazing city.

Transport is not a major problem as there are taxis for hire. There are also motor bikes which cruise through all parts of this city to your preferred destination. Furthermore, there are supermarkets, chain stores and boutiques making it possible for you to shop anywhere you want.

must see in Maseru

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Lesotho’s largest city and capital, often regarded more as a stopover and a place to stock up for an exploration of the rest of the country. Maseru still boasts of some ‘Must See’ attractions like: the Royal Palace, the National Museum, Basotho Hat, Prime Minister’s Residence, Pioneer Mall, Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories, Thetsane, and St. John Anglican Church. Others include: Thaba Bosiu sandstone plateau, and Katse Dam.

Food and Drinks in Maseru

Maseru is located close to the South African border and the country itself is completely enclosed by South Africa which accounts for the South African influence present in the cuisine. A range of options is available where you can get good food at good prices. Most hotels and choice restaurants offer intercontinental menu. Good quality drinks, wines and spirits, are very much available at the hotels, pubs and bars.

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