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Malindi is a beautiful tourist city in northern Kenya blessed with pristine beaches, exquisite hotels, lively clubs and bars, stunning marine parks and fully packed museums. Situated at the edge of the Indian Ocean, Malindi parades a range of beach hotels creatively designed with the idiosyncratic signature of Kenya. With a current population of more than 300,000 people, Malindi is a historic town founded by the early Chinese, Arab and Indian traders passing through the town. Portuguese sailors, European settlers and other contemporary investors also followed suit, making Malindi their destination of choice.

Malindi was founded by the Arabs in the early thirteenth century. Prior to their arrival in Malindi, the local tribes were mainly fishermen, hunters, farmers and salt traders. Its old town is an interesting Swahili quarter to visit, and it dates back to the period between 1930 and 1950. Just opposite the quarter lies the Malindi Tourist Market, one of the country’s best destinations for arts and crafts shopping; while just a stone throw away lies the Malindi Museum, a three-storey building which parades several prestigious artifacts from the past. This building started as an Indian trading centre in 1891; and few yards down the road stands the ancient Portuguese Chapel of St Francis Xavier, East Africa’s oldest church. It is a small building surrounded by a very old cemetery and preserved within a compound.

Airtel and Safaricom are the two major national telecom carriers. Sim cards are easy to purchase and use but visitors with international Sim cards need not worry. Network is good in Malindi, most of the time. Malindi is home to everyone and living there is fun and the culture mix is also exciting as Italians, Arabs, Kenyans and other nationals cohabit alongside the native Kenyans, without discrimination whatsoever.

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Malindi is a historic town where there is so much to see, experience and enjoy. Plan a weeklong visit to this beautiful coastal city to enjoy the stunning views of the fishes at the Malindi Marine Park, the mind-blowing rock formations at the Marafa Hell’s kitchen, the nostalgic Vasco Dagama Pillars and the unforgettable adventure at the Tsavo East National Park. Other places to see include the Magic Island, the Malindi Tourist Market, the Portuguese Church and Graves, the Gede ruins and the Snake Park.

Food and Drinks in Malindi

Malindi has a range of interesting meals that can be tried out by adventurous tourists. Pillao is a local rice dish which consists of beef strips, banana and a small bowl of soup. It can be eaten alongside a cup of orange juice, mango juice, passion juice, soda or beer. Italian, Spanish and Arabian dishes are also available on request. At the mid-range and luxury hotels, large self-service buffets, showcasing various food options, are usually served during breakfast and dinner. And guests can even place special orders which the resident chef prepares immediately.

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  • The Falconry of Kenya


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