Luxor overview

The city of Luxor is basically one big open museum of numerous temples and monuments. Luxor was built around the ruins of the once powerful Thebes. It is located in Southern Egypt and has a population of about 1.2 million.

The city is a great place to visit for people who love to sightsee, and there are also many fun activities to try out while you are here.

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What if we told you that Luxor contains a third of the world’s most prestigious monuments and antiquities? Luxor, an ancient and historic city, was the religious capital for almost all of the Pharaonic period. It plays host to the Temple of Luxor as well as the expansive Temple of Karnak – the world’s largest temple complex. Other interesting sites to see in and around Luxor include El-Mo’alla – the site of two important rock-cut tombs of the early first intermediate period. Deir El-Medina – an ancient Egyptian village which was home to artisans at the time; and a set of stunning statues known as the Colossi of Memnon. Others include the Mummification Museum – a preserve of the body for the afterlife; The Ramesseum – a funerary temple built by Ramses II in 1304 – 1207 B.C; The Valley of the Queens – which contains as much as 70 tombs; and The Valley of the Kings – a royal cemetery for 62 Pharaohs located on the west bank at Luxor.

Food and Drinks in Luxor

Luxor doesn’t sell or serve ‘strange’ meals. At the supermarket and stores, you’ will find the regular lamb, beef, chicken, vegetables, bread and beans, among others. However, Molokhiyya and Lentil are local soups popular among tourists. So you might want to try them out. However, there are restaurants and outlets along the East Bank where you can eat a beautiful dinner on a cool evening. Wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks are also available on request. Pizza, burger, hotdogs and other fast foods are sold at various outlets within the city. Mexican, Indian and other intercontinental dishes can be found in Luxor.

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