Libreville overview

Libreville is Gabon’s largest city and also doubles as its capital. With a population of nearly 1 million, Libreville boasts of a promenade down its beautiful coastal boulevard, bustling markets, amazing road networks and other amazing infrastructure that testifies to the city’s oil wealth.

Being a port city, Libreville’s pristine beaches, coupled with its rich cultural heritage, has positioned the city as a favourite haven for tourist getaways and vacation. However, if you are taking stock of Africa’s most expensive cities, you can’t afford to leave out Libreville, nevertheless, transportation and accommodation is affordable. The city also has an amazing nightlife, with glitzy clubs and lively bars in selected locations in town. Overall, Libreville is a place to be and its uniqueness as a prime urban destination sets it apart from its west central African ‘peers’.

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Libreville, the capital of Gabon, is home to unique and striking attractions that piques the interest of visitors to the city. One of such is the majestic Palais Presidentiel, built by President Bongo in the 1970s. The grand architecture of this palace is a marvel to tourists; however, visitors are not permitted inside. Other stunning sites to experience in Libreville include the L’Eglise St–Michel building, the colourful Ministry of Forestry and Environment building, the Boulevard Triomphal, Seaside Boulevard and the Arboretum de Sibang.

Food and Drinks in Libreville

French and continental-style food are mostly served in the hotels and restaurants; but they are a bit pricey, including wines and spirits too. A more affordable option should be the local dishes mostly comprising braised fish (bass and red fish), as well as Bouillon de poisson (fish stew). These are really local specialties that visitors to the city should try out. Be sure to have a shot at any of the local beers: Regab, Beaufort and Castel. You’ll like it.

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