Kampala overview

Home to the world’s second largest freshwater inland body, the majestic Lake Victoria welcomes you into Kampala, Uganda’s largest city. With a population of 2.5 million, the tropical climate of the nation’s capital provides a perfect haven for adventurous tourists.

Kampala now exports coffee, cotton, tea, tobacco and sugar. The headquarters of many large firms are situated in Kampala; and the city serves as nucleus for the country’s road network.

Kampala’s indigenes have a reputation for being warm, friendly and approachable which lends credence to the city as a safe place to walk around, even at night. So you should make plans to explore the city’s beautiful museum, safari, temples, churches, mosques and educational institutions.

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Kampala is one of the many African cities where tourism is booming and flourishing. The Uganda National Museum, the Kasubi Tombs and the Grand colonial architecture of Uganda’s Railway Station buildings have become tourist favourites over the years. If you have time to see only one thing in Kampala, be sure to opt for the gorilla-viewing experience at Bwindi National Park. There is nothing like it. This adventure is closely followed by wild chimpanzee feeding at Ngamba Island near Entebbe. The highly energetic and vibrant Owino market is another fascinating site in Kampala; and this is one chaotic market where you can get anything and everything to buy, from original artworks to charity clothes. The Gaddafi National Mosque (a magnificent 10,000 – plus seater auditorium), the Uganda Martyrs Shrine, the Baha’i Temple, the Rubaga Cathedral and the Independence Monument are stunning sights that secured Kampala a prominent spot in the global tourism calendar.
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Food and Drinks in Kampala

Matoke (traditionally steamed plantain wrapped in banana leaves) is a local staple in Kampala which could be served with vegetables, meat, fish and/or peanut sauce. You will also find your Chinese, Italian, French and Indian cuisine favourites at any of the upscale bars and hotels within the city. Other interesting meals to try out include Chapati (flat dough-cakes from water and flour) and Samosas (fried dough-pockets filled with meat or vegetables). Coffee, wine, beer and spirits are always available on the menu.

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