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Referred to as the Land of Good People, a name bequeathed to it by the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in the late 15th century, Inhambane is a peaceful and sleepy historical town with old colonial-style architecture blended with Arabic, Indian and African influences.

When da Gama arrived in 1498, oral legend claims it began to rain and the native people took the explorer in and offered him shelter. Touched by the act of kindness, as opposed to the usual suspicion and resentment and often time hostility to foreigners, da Gama called the place Terra de Boa Gente (Land of the Good People).

Inhambane is the provincial capital of the province which shares the same name with the coastal city. It has a small, tidy and beautiful city center with wide tree-filled avenues and several shops, restaurants and various public services places. Its main beaches are in Tofo which is about 22km from the city center and Barra, about 15km away.

While Tofo and nearby Tofinho (Little Tofo) are quite popular for water activities like surfing, snorkeling and diving with Tofo often referred to as Whale Shark Mecca of the World; Barra which is a peninsula with the beach on one side and an estuary on the other has calmer waters and is a perfect honeymoon spot, and a great place for less experienced divers to enjoy and master the art.

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There are several old colonial buildings still standing in Inhambane which are worth seeing. The most outstanding and ‘Must See’ is the old Portuguese church, Catedral da Nossa Senhora da Conceição which is over 200 years old. Right next to it is the new church building. Along Avenida Samora Machel is a garden with a statue of the country’s first president after Independence, Samora Machel. The Museu Regional Inhambane is worth a visit, and so is the FRELIMO building. Down in Tofinho is a monument, a pumped fist on a pyramid-like plinth and not far from it is the Burraco dos Assassinatos.

Food and Drinks in Inhambane

Inhambane has a good range of eating options in the city. There are restaurants offering a good choice of continental delights in the city center, while the hotels and several lodges in Barra and Tofo also offer good dining options. Fast food options and light snacks are available with several food stalls and outlets around. Fish plays a healthy role in the menu and cashew nut is also popular. One of the popular meal in the country is Matapa. Drinks are available at the restaurants, bars and several shops. Inhambane is rather quiet and laid back, but the weekends, from Friday nights are usually filled with parties and activities, especially in places like Tofo. The Hotel Tofo Mar is a popular night out spot and hangout with live bands

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