Hurghada overview

Until the 1980s, Hurghada was just a little fishing village lying on the Red Sea. However, it has been enlarged and transformed by investors into the leading coastal resort on the Red Sea. Hurghada which stretches for some 36km along the coast is the fourth largest city in Egypt, and it is divided into three sections, namely: El Dahar which is the old downtown part, Sekalla (city center), and El Memsha the new part.

The city has a subtropical climate with a daily temperature of about 30°C and an annual average mean of 24°C, which makes it a destination of choice for many tourists from Europe who come around to spend the Christmas and New Year holiday seasons. Also, Hurghada is a haven for several water sports and activities, such as: scuba diving, snorkeling, sailboarding, and yachting.

In particular, the city is famous for its several diving sites and it plays host to the Hurghada Dive Fest (
Hurgada is a bubbly city with a splendid nightlife and many regard it as a party town.

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Hurghada is a beach resort town situated on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast. This stunning tourist hot spot has some of the most amazing species of fish and coral reefs in the world. Explore the stunning beaches spread across downtown El Dahar, El Memsha and Sekalla to enjoy incredible dolphin shows, and get some early morning sunbath. And you don’t want to miss a mid-day submarine ride to experience the resorts beautiful underwater landscapes as well as its fantastic coral formations. Adrenalin junkies will definitely love the resort’s water rides ranging from the notorious Boomerang to the sweet-water Wave Pool; and nothing can be compared to a deep-water scuba dive and snorkel for a close-up experience with the resort’s gorgeous coral reefs. Horse riding along the sandy beach and desert, wind surfing, kite surfing and a visit to Giftun Island are some of the unforgettable sights that make Hurghada Egypt’s largest tourist destination.

Food and Drinks in Hurghada

Hurghada has a wealth of culinary options. For burgers, wraps, shakes and other fast food, you’ll find them in abundance at KFC, McDonalds and Pizza huts. The city also has an excellent selection of Egyptian, Middle Eastern and international dishes from its vast array of restaurants. Fresh and delicious seafood are also sold at the local fish restaurants as well as a remarkable collection of wine and spirits to spark up the night.

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