Harare overview

Harare, formerly known as Salisbury is the capital and the largest city in Zimbabwe. It is situated in the northeastern part of the country and known for its summery climate. It is the economic, administrative, educational and commercial centre of Zimbabwe.

The capital has endeavored to maintain its beauty in spite of the economic challenges it has faced in the recent past. Harare is known for its fine dining, and was famed for its Parks, gardens and modern buildings. It has maintained its strong historical and cultural heritage despite its modernity.

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Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, offers a wide range of attractions and sights sufficient to give every visitor a rewarding experience. At the National Gallery of Zimbabwe on Julius Nyerere Way, visitors are treated to a thought-provoking tour of the historical chronicle of Zimbabwe. The Mukuvisi Woodlands, a game reserve in Harare, parades a wide variety of birds and indigenous flora, as well as animals like kudu, rhinoceros, giraffe and elephants. Be sure to check out “Wild is Life Grand Zimbabwe”, an animal sanctuary where visitors are afforded the unique opportunity to engage with rescued orphaned animals from the wild, e.g. lions, elephants, pangolin, etc. Thetford Game Reserve, Doon Estate, Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary, Chapungu Sculpture Park and the Lake Chivero Recreational Park are other attractions that make Harare a tourist delight.

Food and Drinks in Harare

Sadza (a stiff maize meal) is a Zimbabwean staple eaten at almost every meal and accompanied by some form of vegetables or meat. Game meat (like ostrich, warthog and crocodile tail) can also be enjoyed by visitors. European and American food and wine are available at various upscale restaurants within the city. Don’t leave Harare without tasting Whawha, a traditional maize beer, as well as Chibuku, a popular local beer. You’ll like it.

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