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Gaborone is a city that is quickly modernising to rival many other long running large cities in Africa. The rate at which it has grown is astounding; new shops, restaurants and telecommunication buildings are being constructed at great speed.
The city holds great opportunities for a traveler who is keen to get to know Southern Africa.

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Coming to Botswana without passing through Gaborone is like visiting the Vatican without seeing the pope! Welcome to Gaborone – the heart of Botswana. A sprawling urban metropolis where the country’s economic activity is at its peak. Apart from being the nation’s commercial heartbeat, Gaborone is host to some of Botswana’s impressive attractions such as the Three Chiefs’ Statues, Mokolodi Game Reserve, Gaborone Game Reserve, Hare Krishna Temple, Thapong Visual Arts Centre and the National Museum and Art Gallery. Other places of interest include the Kgale Hill, which provides stunning views of the city and surrounding areas at an altitude of about 100m. Visitors climbing the hill are advised not to stray off the path so as not to be attacked by baboons. Another must-see location is the Otse Village (locally referred to as “Letsekela”). It is a village surrounded by hills which provide perfect breeding ground for vultures. So if you’d love to catch a view of these endangered vulture species, Gaborone is the way to go.
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  • Three Chiefs’ Statues


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Food and Drinks in Gaborone

Simple meals like rice, vegetables and meat are staples in the economic and commercial districts of the city. You can also find Chinese, Italian and Indian meals in many of the restaurants within the malls or just across the street. If you are a fan of pasta, pizza, burger, salad and the likes, you will find them in good quantity and quality at affordable prices. To ‘wash down’ your meal, you should try out the local palm wine or the traditional beer (which tastes like apple cider), you will love it.

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