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Although Douala is not the capital of Cameroun, it is its largest city and commercial heart. In addition, the coastal city which sits on the estuary of the Wouri River is home to the country’s largest port, as well as major international airport.

Douala is the capital of Littoral Region and is divided into 7 districts with Akwa being the point where business and commerce and diplomatic life converge.

The history of Douala dates back to 1472 with the arrival of the Portuguese in the area. The name of the country is derived from Wouri River, which was named Rio dos Camarões by the legendary Fernando Pó on seeing such a rich concentration of prawns in the area.
While you may not find much to engage you in Douala, you can be sure to have a good time and loads of fun at nearby destinations like Limbe which is about an hour away. Limbe has lovely beaches, although the sands are black largely from the volcanic activities of Mount Cameroun.

Another nearby place to see is Kribi, designated city of the future by the government of Cameroun. You can enjoy a round of golf at the 9-hole Kribi Golf & Country Club, go chill out at the white-sand beaches, or see the Lobé Fall, one of the few waterfalls in the world that cascades straight into the ocean.

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Douala, Cameroon’s commercial capital is a tropical city in a class of its own. Aside the beautiful all-year round climate which makes it perfect for visitors, Douala is host to the expansive Lobeke National Park and the majestic Mount Cameroon – the highest point in Western Africa. It is also interesting to note that Mount Cameroon, an active volcano as well, is open for climbing expeditions. Travellers will also be interested in the famous Wouri River as well as breath-taking views of the gulf of guinea in mango swamps. The Akwa Palace, the La Pagode, Joseph-Francis Sumegne and the Eko Market are also must-see attractions in the city.
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Food and Drinks in Douala

Look out for sumptuous local dishes like Le dernier Comptoir Colonial (Fish, Prawn), Italian pizzas, and Kali (Barbecue), among others. Local beers include 33 Export, Mutzig and Castel, among others.

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