Cyangugu overview

Cyangugu is a bustling lakeside city in southwest Rwanda with immense tourism potentials. Officially referred to as Rusizi District, Cyangugu is home to a city of over four hundred thousand people and can be accessed via a six-hour bus ride or thirty-minute plane ride from Kigali. A predominantly Muslim and Christian population, the city is governed by a Mayor just like every other district in Rwanda. Kamembe, the capital, is situated on the hill where the central bus park is located. The Congo Nile Trail begins from Kamembe as well. Cyangugu is indeed a fast-growing holiday destination in Rwanda, thanks to its tourist-friendly people and resources. Recreational activities such as boat cruising, swimming, mountain hiking, shopping and lots more are some of the many activities that make Cyangugu tick. Safety in the city is of utmost importance to the authorities, this is why 98% of roads are well paved and strict safety measures put in place and enforced by traffic officials. The transportation infrastructure in the city is well organized and the security of visitors and residents is guaranteed all day long. Many of the locals rarely speak or understand English; with Kinyarwanda, French and Swahili being the main languages of communication. Nevertheless, you can always find English-speaking citizens to communicate with.

must see in Cyangugu

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The Mashesha hot springs could pass as the biggest natural attraction in Cyangugu. It’s an amazing pool of boiling water continuously oozing out from the ground. Just a stone throw away are stunning views of large hectares of tea plantations meant to surely pique the interest of visitors. These beautiful sights stretch into miles as they undulate on the hills. The highly dense mountain forests as well as the monkeys, chimps and gorillas at the Nyungwe National Park are also worth checking out. Watching sunset on Lake Kivu is a beautiful experience especially if you are on a boat cruise at the time or sipping wine from the lobby of your lake view hotel.

Food and Drinks in Cyangugu

Ugali, Matoke, Samosa, Chips, Brochette, Rice, Spanish Omelette, Potatoes, African tea and Beer are some of the regular staples in Cyangugu. Here are two delicacies you should try out: Sambaza – a small, crispy silvery fried fish from Lake Kivu; and Akabenzi – chunks of local pork, often cooked with bananas. If you are the adventurous type, you should try out a very alcoholic local drink called Kanyanga; it is made from fermented banana juice and ground sorghum. Locals can help one get a shot which could be as cheap as 250Rwf.

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