Cotonou overview

Cotonou is the commercial capital of Benin and stands as the busiest city in the country due to the bustling activities that characterize it as the most vibrant city as well.

The city serves a couple of functions to the states and holds major states offices as well as the state parliament. It is a commercial center and also an industrial heart of Benin.
Cotonou is vibrant and the nightlife in this particular city can never be boring, what with multiple restaurants and hotels as well as gaming and casinos.

You can go shopping at various shopping complexes, spread out in the vast of this city. Here you can get end of trip souvenirs and much more.

must see in Cotonou

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Looking forward to visiting a West African port city? Cotonou is simply the place to be. Aside the city’s pristine beaches, Fondation Zinsou (an African Arts & Culture Gallery) is also a fascinating place to visit. This is a contemporary gallery specializing in modern arts by Benin artists, where exhibitions are constantly showcased. Visitors also love to check out the Artisanal market, also known as the arts and craft centre of Cotonou. This is an expansive market where high quality souvenirs are sold in various stalls and at different prices, depending on the buyer’s bargaining power. Don’t leave Cotonou without taking that magical boat ride to Babs Dock. It’s a beautiful paradise for relaxation, kayaking, boat ride and great food. Other great sites to see include the Cotonou Cathedral, the Ancient Pont Bridge, the Boulevard St. Michel and the Grand Marché de Dantokpa

Food and Drinks in Cotonou

Standard meals like rice, wheat, beans, chicken, grills, and a variety of seafood can be enjoyed at the local restaurants as well as the upscale ones. Travellers can also treat themselves to the best of Morrocan, Thai, Sushi, French, Indian and other intercontinental dishes served in the city’s various outlets. Beer, wine and spirits are always readily available.

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