Cairo overview

Cairo is an urban playground with the excitement of modern fun along with marvels of the ancient world surrounding the city.

It is the largest city in Egypt and known as “Umm ad-Dunya,” the Mother of the World to the locals. Indulge in the culture and charm of the bustling city unlike any other.

Cairo is the perfect place for numerous adventures and worth exploring if you’re up to the challenge.

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Cairo the Egyptian capital prides itself as the world\'s earliest civilization and its array of stunning artifacts and antiquities lend credence to this fact. Thousands of tourists from various parts of the world pore into Cairo to experience some of the world’s most striking and magnificent attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Ramses II statue, Asfour Crystal Factory and the Coptic Church of St. George. Another impressive location in Cairo is the Khan al-Khalili, an old central market which gives tourists a unique experience of the bazaar just as it was over 700 years ago. The Cairo Tower, a 187 meter-high television tower, which marks the highest point in the city, is another exciting place to visit. Pictures can be captured from these awe-inspiring locations. Other remarkable places to see in Cairo include the Al Azhar Park, the Borsa Cafés, the Souq Al Gamal and world-famous mosques such as the Al Azhar, Ibn Tulun and the Mosque of Hussein.

Food and Drinks in Cairo

Mint flavoured tea, coffee and fruit drinks are popular, especially local favourites like Karkaday (clear, bright red drink made from hibiscus flowers). Meals to try out at any restaurant or hotel include Kebabs (meat on skewers), Koshari (rice, lentil, pasta and tomato dish), Falafel and Ful medames (fava beans topped with eggs), among others.

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