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Beira, the mid way port city of Mozambique is an experience for an adventurous traveler. Although not as beautiful as Maputo yet in its ruggedness you can find adventure and surprise.

It is situated at the mouth of Rio Púnguè, and has always been a great trading hub for landlocked countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe.

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Beira is Mozambique’s heartland and one of the oldest cities in Southern Africa, with decent beaches and a few well-preserved colonial buildings. If you are heading to this beautiful port town, be sure to visit the Makuti Beach. There is the Biques close to the beach which is a popular camping ground; it is a good spot for watching the sunset. There is also the laid back holiday resort; Rio Savane, just some 40km north of Beira. One of the colonial buildings to look out for in Beira is the now restored Casa Infante de Sagres which houses a popular shipping company. There is also the Beira’s Cathedral at Independencia Avenue built in 1925 with rare stones from Fort Sofala. Go and see the Railway Station built in 1966; it is an architectural piece in its own class. Visit the cinema in Novocine and see the latest movies. There are also local markets popular for specific goods: Mercado da Praia Nova—for fresh fish and seafood, and Mercado do Goto— for fruit, vegetables and traditional medicines. A good supermarket is ShopRite in Munhava area.

Food and Drinks in Beira

Beira has good and affordable hotels, restaurants and bars where diverse cuisine, including African, Portuguese, Indian, and Pakistani are served. The city is known for steamed crabs and prawns, with the shrimp or prawns done Peri-peri style as one of the popular dishes. Essentially, the cuisine is largely based on fresh seafood, though maize porridge and meat or vegetable stew is the staple. For breakfast, it is usually light meals like an egg sandwich, maize porridge and tea. For lunch, Pregos (steak sandwiches), fried chicken and stews or curries served with rice are favourites while dinner may be Bolo Polana—cashew nut and Potato cake, though the meal is more popular during festivals.

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