Timkat, Ethiopia

Of all the various religious festivals such as Ledet or Genna (Christmas), Meskel (Finding the True Cross), Fasika (Easter), among many others, Timkat (Epiphany) is the biggest and most colorful […]

Eswatini: Celebrating the Marula Fruit

Although the Marula fruit can be found throughout Africa, it is in Eswatini where it is found in abundance and is celebrated to the fullest. They have a vast range of uses for this juicy […]

Enkutatash: Celebrating Ethiopian & Eritrean New Year

Long before 2001 when terrorist attacks on the United States turned 9/11 into a dark, sad memorial, September 11 marked the beginning of the New Year and celebration of Enkutatash in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Unlike most parts […]

Meetings Africa 2023: Registration Opens

Sept 19, 2022 Registrations for the 2023 edition of Meetings Africa are now open! Speaking at the recent Tourism Business Council of South Africa’s maiden Leadership Conference on Friday, 16 […]