Cabo Verde

Formerly known as Cape Verde, Cabo Verde is an island country located in the Atlantic Ocean off the West African coast close to Senegal, Mauritania and the Gambia. The formation of the islands is quite dramatic; it was created by magma rising through the Ocean due to volcanic eruptions.

It has some 450,000 inhabitants and it is ranked amongst the most democratic nations in the world. Cabo Verde has a diverse mix of inhabitants, which has led to the development of Creole.

It has an abundance of fish species on the island and the marine life of the Cabo Verde is stunning. Cabo Verde is rich in flora and trees such as the cypress, acacia, mimosa, eucalyptus and the wild aloe is known to grow commonly on the streets.

Due to its volcanism, the island has unique rock formations worth seeing; the Cabo Verdeans love to celebrate and are renowned for their colorful festivals, they are worth participating in. 

Cabo Verde is rated one of the top ten investment places in the world.

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