My Uganda Memoir: In Time for Breakfast With Lions

February 11, 2017: We had another exciting game drive and this time we arrived just in time for breakfast with lions…


We had another early morning game drive and this time we finally met a pride of lions having breakfast. We didn’t have to cross the Nile for the game drive, since we were now on the northern banks of the longest river in the world. The usual suspects were the first to show up: colobus monkeys, giraffes, antelopes, etc. We even spotted an eagle.


As we drove round hunting for lions – yeah, lion sighting is like the highlight of any safari, except they are altogether absent in that environment. Lions, then leopards – and they are both elusive beasts.

As we drove round, we saw other tourists in their vehicles and our driver would ask their driver about the direction they were coming from, if there was a trail. We bantered with occupants and told them we just left some lions and they looked hungry. One of their guide jokingly said not to worry they’ll offer the lions a muzungu. I laughed, while Prof explained to Nana what a muzungu means.

Murchison Falls
Spotting an eagle…

Eventually, one of the other vehicles radioed and our guide told us some lions have been spotted, as our driver headed in the direction. We arrived in time to behold the pride enjoying breakfast. Jayesh observed that it was a fresh kill – that means we must have missed the hunt by minutes.

Soon other vehicles arrived, and phones were out as people were taking pictures and selfies – of course from the safety of the vehicles and very safe distance too.

Tasty! Wanna join us for brekkie?
Excited tourists enjoying the sight…

We headed back to the lodge afterwards, our day already made with the lion sighting. We had a 3-hour rest or there about, before we headed to the bank of the Nile on our way for a cruise to the waterfalls. It should have been a morning cruise, but we were schedule to leave for Kampala the next day. We saw a couple of animals on the banks, such as water buffaloes, elephants, hippos, and some birds too, as we sailed to the waterfall which gives its name to the park.

Hippos with a crane in the foreground…
Water buffaloes…

Later in the evening, we had a sort of farewell dinner with some entertainment provided at the lodge. It’s been a very interesting stay in Murchison Falls National Park, and I had thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent at Kabalega Wilderness Lodge previously and at Paraa Safari Lodge.

Enjoying our last supper at Paraa Safari Lodge…


…the story continues…


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