This museum is home to a wide range of artifacts and exhibits on every aspect of the island’s history since 1815 when people started inhabiting the island permanently.

Interesting topics to discover in the museum include:

– The Island’s naval history and its relationship with the sea

– Ascension’s flora and fauna with an emphasis on green turtles

– The history of St Mary’s Church and other Island buildings

– The Island’s social history through collected artefacts

– The USA and Ascension Island

NASA – Tracking Station (including a US flag and patch from the Space Shuttle – Columbia)

– Ascension Island and the Falklands War (including a copy of the Argentine surrender document)

– History of the Island’s Letterbox walks and completed message books from various walks

– Postal history of Ascension Island

– The BBC and Ascension Island

– Eastern Telegraph Company and Cable and Wireless

– A very large collection of old and not so old photographs

You will also find a few collections of maps, historical books and other souvenirs which have been put up for sale.