Moro Naba or Naaba Ceremony lasts just about 15 minutes and it takes place every Friday around 7:00pm at the palace of the Moro Naba. The Moro Naba, king of the Mossi Empire is the most powerful traditional ruler in the country, and his palace is located in the center of Ouagadougou. The city was founded in the 15th century and became capital of the Mossi Empire. The brief ceremony sees the Mossi chiefs who arrive at the palace and then take their position according to their ranks. The Moro Naba appears garbed in red for war, on a horse and a canon is fired. The most senior chiefs pledge their allegiance to him and the king leaves and returns, this time dressed in white. The ceremony is a depiction of an event in time past, where the Moro Naba was set for a war against a rival king, but was persuaded to make peace by his chiefs. Kolanut and doolo, a traditional beer is served round, after which the Moro Naba holds court. Although visitors are allowed to witness the events, pictures are not allowed to be taken.