What We Do

We aim to unveil the untapped potential of Africa

Afro Tourism is an Africa-based full-service tourism management company that specializes in providing dynamic travel and industry resources for Africa and its surrounding islands.

Afro Tourism aims to unveil the untapped potential of the world’s most culturally rich and diverse continent as a destination of choice for travel and tourism.

With its principal place of business in Lagos, Nigeria and an office in the Washington DC, Afro Tourism is equipped to work with governments, destinations and the private sector to improve and enhance any tourism destination. Our suite of services include:

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In growing tourism in Africa, Afro Tourism intends to brand each destination with experienced team of international travel and tourism professionals and experts offering a comprehensive approach addressing all of these factors from market assessment, development, and training to promotion and delivery of high-quality services.

Afro Tourism believes an important element of any effort to grow tourism is measuring results for continued improvement. To ensure you are meeting your tourism goals and objectives, Afro Tourism uses the most up-to-date tourism research and other available data to provide a measurement of your success by benchmarking where you start and the progress you make along the way.